Emerging Artists

Ashley Chiang

I aspire to delight through an uncommon visual experience using a very common medium. Paper, well loved by many, has more life than it is usually afforded. The realization of fluidity and movement in a static piece is what I instigate; the thrill of the unexpected. My professional arsenal consists of a small pair of tweezers and scissors, coupled with my specialized abilities: hyper-focusing and being completely incognizant to the passing of time. Every strip of paper is cut by hand then brought to life between my fingers. With intent, I don't use traditional quilling tools or techniques, instead choosing to value the evolution of my own handiwork. Through distinctive design, I will, one creation at a time, broadcast my brand of optimism into the world.

Matt Gorin

I enjoy sharing various species of wood with people and my love for working with them. Using wood from all over the world, and seeing how beautiful wood truly is.

Andrew Sartorious

I create inviting objects. Pots that draw the viewer into their surfaces and invite touch, use, and visual investigation. My studio practice is informed by functional pottery traditions with an emphasis on the enthusiastic exploration of local materials, process, and form. The labor-intensive process of wood firing lends itself to creating deep, layered, surfaces that give vitality to the wild clays I use. The kiln is my collaborator, a trusted but pleasantly unpredictable partner lending its voice to mine to create something both of a time long ago, today, and tomorrow.

Catherine Satterlee

I love the slow, deliberate process of hand-building with clay. Texture usually inspires me: an air vent, a door mat, beach stones, a kimono, all have been inspirations. I often work in series, but each piece is unique. For the past year I have concentrated on large plates which give me the opportunity to explore surface texture. Introduced to ceramics at Bennington College in the late 60s, I returned to clay only once during a forty-year career in the arts. But in 2014, after retiring from the contemporary art exhibitions business, I turned to ceramics in earnest. Since then, my work has been selected for a solo show and included in several exhibitions. I'm a Washington DC native who works across the river in Arlington, VA.

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