Meg Dickerson

The constant challenge of integrating several processes in my work excites me every day. It is importantt to me that I maintain a traditional focus on detail as I manipulate the form and surface. These forms add a peaceful presence to a home. I believe their simplicity creates a contemporary appeal, while the surfaces reflect those decaying surfaces found in nature. Each piece is handbuilt, made from a groggy stoneware and fired in an electric kiln. They are textured, layered with slips and glazes taking multiple trips to the kiln at varying temperatures to yield a more complex patina. Each piece is affixed to an aluminum tube that allows the client to hang them vertically or horizontally.

Ursula Perry-Scheffer

My original works of art are inspired by nature and are one of a kind. The kinetic sculptures are first sketched out on paper then transferred to sheet metal. All of the physics and math factoring happens at this stage. Once the balance is figured, then the graphic elements are cut by hand, hand bent and balanced, drilled and a finish applied. Repurposed materials are found and utilized as well as weights. Then the magic of "the art of mobile sculpting takes place. Each design is a beautiful kinetic sculpture in copper and stainless steel with elements of pre-rusted steel. For indoors as contemporary art or for outdoors, my mobiles and stabiles are completely weather protected and maintenance free.

106 South Street 

Easton, MD 21601

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