As one of the two major Museum events of the year, the Craft Show raises funds to support the mission of the Academy Art Museum. All proceeds from the show in the form of fees, sponsorships and contributions go to the Museum.

What makes the Craft Show not just possible, but so important to furthering the mission of the Museum are the donations from our supporters in the community.

Thank You to our Sponsors


Catherine McCoy



Mr. Joseph and Ms. MaryLou Armstrong Peters

Jim and Pam Harris
Elizabeth Hormel and Ted Vlach
The Honorable Ellen and Mr. Jeffrey Huvelle

R. Scott and Courtney Pastrick

Nanny Trippe
Bruce Wiltsie and Bill Davenport


Craig Fuller
The Granville Fund of MSCF

Lisa and Peter Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Don Martin
Jill and Jack Meyerhoff

Tim and Pat Roche
Mary Ann Schindler and Martin Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scully
Seip Family Foundation
Carolyn Williams and Colin Walsh




Mr. and Mrs. James Alpi

Richard and Ellen Bodorff
Mr. and Mrs. George Eysymontt

Rodanthe and Paul Hanrahan

Bette Kenzie
Bill and Barb Lane
Lyn McCormick

John Pinney and Donna Cantor

The Rubel Family Foundation

Maureen Ryan
Karen and Langley Shook

JT and Mary Tydings Smith

Beth Spurry and Charlie Capute

Liz and Jim Underhill



Media Sponsors

The Spy

The Star Democrat

What’s Up? Media

96.7 WCEI

Corporate Sponsors

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